The Wingless

Alternately known as either the Wingless or kenku, the crow-people are found exclusively in Carua. Dangerous, lacking imagination, and perfect imitators, they find most of their work as messengers and scouts for Carua's army. Some take up posts as soldiers, though none ever make it past the most basic of ranks. Kenku are shrugged aside by the major races as flighty (pun often cruelly intended) and mostly useless pests. They excel as thieves and thugs, earning them a reputation as untrustworthy, but some do manage to learn trades and do legitimate work.
Outside of Carua, however, a kenku is more likely to be stoned than given a chance.


No one really gets along with the lizardfolk of Carua's central fresh- and saltwater marshes and swamps. But no one really understands them, either. Lizardfolk operate on principles more radically different than that of any other race. They are known to be quick, dangerous, and callously pragmatic, though these descriptions may not accurately portray a lizardfolk's simple way of thought. 


Tabaxi are one of the most bizarre races. They don't actively seem to prefer or disdain any one race, and while they are found mostly in Usith and Odan, small clans of the cat people can be found throughout the wilds of Taalenar. Capricious, curious, and impulsive, tabaxi are driven by strange urges and change focus frequently and without warning. They can be hard to travel with, but have the best stories to tell to the tavern crowd. 


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