Every Man's Everyman…

Humans fit in everywhere except Thoana, but no one really fits in with the high elves and they honestly prefer it that way. With such radical differences between individuals, humans find themselves blending in wherever they go. They even manage to make homes in the wild plains of Odan, where most people consider only the half orcs and tabaxi stubborn enough to live. Flexible, prolific, and resilient, humans mainly reside in the northern flatlands of Corua and the plateaus of Bala'Straal. Widely known to be jacks-of-all-trades, humans find home and work wherever they go and have carved a place of respect for themselves among the other races.

Out and About…

While some humans dwelling in Migduar at the time were caught up in the Underwar, their short lifespans and lack of feud with the drow made them ill-suited to be allies for the dwarves' long-reaching war. Now as the dwarves recover, the human settlements below the mountains, who were relatively untouched and economically stable throughout the entire ordeal, are eager to help with the restoration and forge a strong alliance with the dwarves. 
Carua and Bala'Straal are close allies in both war and trading, and this is in large part due to the efforts of their human occupants. While lizardfolk and kenku make up a majority of the population of Carua, they had little interest in affairs of politics, and the dragonborn of Bala'straal were busy settling the flatlands of The Amber Waste and trying to grow their empire after a short and pointless quasi-war with the humans.
With their skirmishes easily forgotten by the lower classes, humans itching for a start outside of the sheer cliffs and rocky landscape of Bala'Straal gladly aided the dragonborn in their endeavors to tame the rolling veldts in The Amber Waste. With plenty of hunting and gathering, but little in the way of reliable building materials, humans found their creativity tested and worked hard to make their homes there. Together, they now work with the dragonborn to slow the gradual expansion of the desert to the south. 
Relatively few humans find their way permanently to Usith, where dragonborn and tabaxi make their homes. Mostly they make up the trading port city of Ballodar far to the west.
Odan is a wild and unkind landscape of sandy plains and thick forests. The humans who settled here long ago learned quickly that they had to be just as rough and resourceful as the half orcs who call Odan their home. 
Humans only ever travel through Thoana, like all other races. Any attempts to settle there, even just inside the borders, have been met with cruel force. 


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