Live Long but Don't Prosper

The dragonborn once occupied only the country Bala'Straal. Indeed, some still consider it their ancestral home. But as the human population grew, dragonborn found themselves outnumbered and outmaneuvered by their trade-savvy roommates. With humans rapidly taking over the city of High Water on the Storm Coast, there was little the dragonborn could do but resist. Those that lived on the rocky cliffs and plateus of Bala'Straal gathered in an attempt to usher the humans out of the city and reclaim it for dragonborn, but when they had succeeded, the dragonborn ran into a problem: without humans, much of the trade that was going on simply stopped. 
Without the universally accepted help of the humans, many merchant vessels and caravans simply stopped visiting Bala'Straal, and instead made more frequent trips to where the humans had gladly retreated in the rolling hills of the Amber Waste. Recognizing their mistake, the dragonborn rushed to sooth the humans' ruffled pride and welcome them back into Bala'straal. And, once again, the humans quickly took over. Realizing that it was a losing battle no matter what, the dragonborn simply retreated the way the humans had gone and traveled south to the Amber Waste.
When the Underwar struck and the dwarves' attention was focused elsewhere, the dragonborn saw their opportunity to profit. Gradually, they began to incorporate towns and settlements in Migduar's southeaster region into their own lands, expanding their territory gradually. Some ventured further, travelling through Migduar to Usith, where they found a mixed bag of forest, beach, and plainsland to tame and call their own.

A House Divided

Over the centuries, the dragonborn of Usith and the Amber Waste have grown a somewhat surly dislike for each other. The "Wasters" as the dragonborn of Usith call those of the Amber Waste, were relatively uncivilized, simple, and a reminder of their lost homeland and failed attempts to regain it. Meanwhile, those of the Waste see their counterparts in Usith as needlessly flamboyant, arrogant, and deserters. As of yet, there has been no open hostility, but it is rare that dragonborn from one country will make friends with the other. 
This does not stop both sides, however, from grumbling about what they see as their stolen birthright in Bala'Straal. A common dragonborn farewell for both countries is, "May you find your way Home."


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