Good Deities:

Bahamut: God of good and lawful justice.
The Dragon God believes in true justice and the word of the law. His followers pride themselves on their fair behavior and actions, and frequently become bards or clerics. His symbol is a platinum dragon's head.
Pelor: God of the sun, healing, and peace.
Pelor draws worshippers who prize moral goodness over lawful goodness. Temples of Pelor often offer basic healing and care for the destitute for free. His symbol a sun.
Heironeous: God of chivalry, war, liberty, and retribution.
Followers of Heironeous are kind but cold. Because Heironeous' tenets follow a "Do Unto Others" theme, his worshippers will reciprocate a disservice just as readily as a kind turn. His symbol is a sword on a shield.
Boldrei: Goddess of home, community, and protection.
The home is holy to Boldrei. Sanctuary, caring for others, and offering succor in a time of need are her most basic teachings. Her symbol is a shield.

Neutral Deities:

Shinare: Goddess of wealth, trade, travel, and commerce.
Followers of Shinare love a good deal, as long as it's fair. While a little bit of inflation is okay, outright price-gouging and swindling is not. Her symbol is a six-sided gold coin.
Mielikki: Goddess of woodlands, nature, and the sea.
Those who worship Mielikki prize the natural world above all else; her followers are most often druids and rangers. Her symbol is a unicorn's head. 
Olidammara: God of music, revelry, and celebration.
Halflings honor Olidammara for his love of fun. His most basic teaching is "Don't take things so seriously." His symbol is a harp.

Evil Deities:

Nerull: God of war, pain, and death.
Almost all necromancers worship Nerull. For his followers, death is not the end of life, just another stage of it. His symbol is a sickle or scythe with a bone handle.
Garl Glittergold: Gnome god of trickery, wiles, and greed.
Some may find it ironic that a gnome is the god of trickery and greed, but those who follow him believe that his appearance is just another trick. His symbol is a gold nugget
Tiamat: Goddess of evil.
"No good deed goes unpunished," followers of Tiamat say. The Dragon Goddess teaches evil for evil's sake. Nothing more, nothing less. Her symbol is a dragon head with five claws.
Sargonnas: God of wrath, vengeance, and madness.
Followers of Sargonnas tend to either be eerily sane or wildly insane. Reason has no effect on them. His symbol is a red wing.


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