When the world was first born of the Void, it was barren and empty. But the life instilled in the world strived, and that will gradually struggled and coalesced and strengthened until it was able to take form and begin shaping the world around it. Thus were born the Five Divines, and they set about bringing the world to life. 


Tather – “first among equals”

Tather is a patron deity associated with knowledge, learning, teaching, and academics. He is widely regarded as the father of the Divine family, being the first to strive and subsequently helping and raising the other spirits to their divine stations. Tather is the origin of knowledge and learning, and every school on Talenaar has a small shrine in his honor on their grounds. Often he is depicted as a middle-aged man with well-kept appearance, usually holding a tome or orb.
His symbol is a quill laid on an open book.


Farenn - “mother of the world”

Farenn was the second Divine to appear to the world. When she saw Tather cultivating the people of the world, she took up the job of cultivating the land. Farenn helped the world grow into the bountiful and beautiful place it is. She is generally associated with home, safety, nature, maternity, and compassion. Usually she depicted as a faceless woman with her hair tied up in a scarf, sometimes holding a child or a branch of willow.
Her symbol is two concentric circles enclosing a small flame. 


Kila & Milo – “the twins” “queen huntress” “forge-brother”

Kila and Milo were raised together by Tather and Felisa, and together they took upon themselves the burden of guiding humanity through its troubles. Not especially good teachers themselves, Kila tasked herself with survival, often taking the form of prey animals to teach humans how to hunt. It is said that when you strike your prey and it still gets away, it was because you struck Kila in one of her many animal forms. She also taught humans how to farm, the best ways to raise crops and how to preserve and store their food so it would last the winter. Her brother Milo contented himself with the finer things: craftsmanship, building, and smithing. He taught humans how to harvest raw materials and turn them into homes, tools, and goods. Together, the twins are represented by two interlocking circles; individually, Kila is usually represented by a hare's head and Milo by an anvil or hammer. They are rarely depicted in human forms.


Tessan – “the immortal end”

Tessan came to be at the same time as Farenn, but held himself back from the initial creation of the world. He content to watch the others work and wait to see what needed to be done. It was Tessan who saw the need for death among all things, and he who arranged with the others to be that end. Tessan is said to walk the world, taking lives when it is time for them to rejoin the Family and wait for rebirth. He is depicted in many forms, both human and animal, but always with three magpies attending him. Tessan's symbol is a bird's wing.


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