The Game of Many Things

The Story Begins...

The continent of Taalenar became a little bit bigger for Edel, Finnick, Nalqah and Dawn Mists when, abducted in their dreams, a woman calling herself The Lady set them on a rather vague and abrupt quest. 

The Deck of Many Things, a chaotic and extremely dangerous magical artifact, is loose across Taalenar and its inherent intelligence means that powerful beings – even the gods themselves – cannot interfere too much without the Deck noticing. Taking things into her own hands, The Lady has chosen four marked adventurers to shoulder the task of locating and collecting the Deck once again. She promised them knowledge, goods, and a boat in return for completing the job.
Under duress, the motley group joined forces on an expeditionary trip through the castle of the crazed wizard Rixis Olyanna, who seemed to have a thing for unwholesome experiments and trashy romance novels.  Adventurer corpses, flying snakes, and an unusual fey crossing aside, they managed to scale Rixis's tower. At its top they found Skitters, a vegetarian spider about the size of a small dog. Edel took to the creature immediately and adores her new pet. 
Also at its top, they found the ghost of Rixis herself. Though in her phantasmal madness she initially struck out at the party, Finnick took some clues from her novel collection and a few personal journals and letters he found to put on perhaps his best performance to date. Convincing Rixis that she was confronted by her long lost lover Ardon, Finnick declared his undying love and devotion and at last the wizard's spirit was laid to rest. 

Afterward, Nalqah decided to sate his hunger and managed to hunt down a small deer. As he built a fire and began to char it, Edel took Skitters and Dawn for a walk. The trio came across a stable, the inside of which was unfortunately the final resting place of many of Rixis's beloved experiments. Only one seemed to have got away, leaving claw marks and a shattered stall door as evidence of its bid for freedom. Meanwhile, Finnick perused one of the books he took from Rixis's colletion. Fantastic Fey Fun: A Tourist's Guide to the Feywild informed him that the strange, tinkling silver tree they had discovered in the greenhouse was known to be desireable to pseudodragons. With that knowledge in hand, Finnick began collecting pieces of the tree and in the process found a scrap of shed pseudodragon skin. 
The hunt was on.
Not far outside the castle walls, the party did indeed discover the pseudodragon and even though much bribery and persuasion were employed, it seemed fairly happy to keep a keep on the group while also remaining a safe distance away. Following the trail of the escaped creature south the party came to the town of Colewyn Mill, where they received report of absolutely no trouble whatsoever. 
Declining to tell the townsfolk that Rixis, their beloved wizard, was long dead, the party set about resting for the night: Finnick tending carefully to the still hesistant pseudodragon and taking first watch, Nalqah sleeping off his alcohol next to the hearth, Dawn telling stories of some of her travels, and Edel entertaining a crowd of children with the complacent Skitters and then splitting the watch with Finnick. As they each fell into slumber, The Lady visited them one final time, thanking each for their work and giving them a "gift" to show her gratitude. Though what that gift is and what it has to do with strange, now very vibrant birthmarks, she did not reveal.


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