For a World on the Edge of Chaos…
Taalenar sure seems peaceful

The continent of Taalenar has never seemed more prosperous or at peace.

The dwarves of Migduar are still recovering from their century-long war with the drow that decimated their cities and population, a process that has been in progress for almost forty years now. Their once-lucrative mines and quarries in the Faldur Mountains are being rediscovered and reopened, flooding Taalenar with new dwarven handicrafts.
The high elves sit haughty as ever in their capital Elesari. From their heavily forested homeland of Thoana they dispense valuable magic and fey artisanal work that makes most other creations pale in comparison.
The dragonborn of Usith and the Amber Wastes are working quickly to reinforce their new borders with Migduar. After taking advantage of the dwarves' long distraction and expanding their territories, they feel it will not be long before their new land will become contested. And, far to the south, the Barrens continue expanding, slowly and inexorably consuming the Amber Waste with desert.
Wood elves remain the unlucky and cursed nomads that they have been for as long as any history can remember. Totally unwelcome in Thoana and only tolerated in most other regions, they find their staunchest allies in the motley mixed races that make up the cities and towns of Bala'Straal and Carua.
Odan, the homeland of the half-orcs, is in constant internal strife as the many tribes and bands fight for power over the others. The only sanctuaries there are the port capital Stillharbor, and the two neutral cities Gromaar and Torholme.
The swampy salt marshes and old-growth forests that make up most of Carua's land are home to anyone who wishes to live there, and there is a large population of lizardfolk and kenku in residence there. The military strength of the capital city Covehaven is a silent threat that keeps most war out of their lands.
Across the gulf lies the Storm Coast and Carua's close trading allies in Bala'Straal. Perhaps the most interracial territory, Bala'straal is just as wealthy as Carua is armed. Together they are a formidable foe indeed, and it is probably only the threat of both territories uniting in war that keeps anyone from causing them trouble.

All of Taalenar is tinder, just waiting for a stray spark.

The Game of Many Things